5 Habits to Teach Kids That Will Help Them Fight Viral Flu

washing hands in kids

Kids are a bunch of messy and clumsy human beings who get difficult to control at times. They love all the fun and frolic associated with their life and sitting them down to teach them good hygiene is nothing less than a Herculean task. 

But it is better the sooner you teach kids good habits. It will not only teach them proper hygiene habits but will also prevent them from any viral fever and flu.


Here are some important Hygiene Habits to boost their Immune System and prevent them from picking up Infections Frequently:

1. Hand washing habit

This is the first and foremost habit that you should teach your children as part of their hygiene habits. Show them the technique to wash their hands. You might get them into this habit pretty fast as most children love water. Ask them to wash their hand properly for 30 seconds with soap and water.

This is one of the most effective ways to prevent infectious diseases that school-going children come across easily like flu, cough and cold, fever, pink eye, stomach infections, and more. So you should always teach them to wash their hands well after they get back from school and games, after using the washroom or blowing nose and always before eating food.

Teach them coughing and sneezing etiquettes

Virus of cold and flu are airborne, so if someone coughs or sneezes without covering their mouth using a handkerchief or tissue, people in close vicinity may contract infections. In case of children, it is even worse as their immune system is still developing and they are more vulnerable to infections. Always give you child a kerchief or a couple of tissue papers handy so that they may use those while sneezing in school or at home.

Avoid touching eyes

Teach your child how they should not keep rubbing and fiddling with their eyes at all times. Viruses of cold and flu or bacteria that lead to conjunctivitis get transmitted through mouth, nose and eyes. Teach them good habits and also ask them to continue following these etiquettes even while at school.

Sharing cutlery and utensils is often a bad idea

Kids are sensitive and they love sharing their stuff with their friends and peers. Eating off the same spoon or fork after sharing with friends should not be encouraged as saliva is the primary transmitter of bacteria and virus. Ask your child to share toys or books, but just not these.

Get them into the habit of eating more fruits and veggies

Every fruits and vegetables have their individual nutritional value that improve kids’ immune system and help them to fight seasonal infections and viral fever. Keep them veggie sticks with healthy dips like hummus, low-fat yogurt or peanut butter. Include in pizzas, sandwiches, salads or soups; however they might like it.


Teach your kids good habits from their childhood so that they have the ability to fight off infections without too much medications. The sooner, the better!


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