Top 5 Health Drinks For Adults

top 5 health beverages that are some of the best for adult health and well-being.There are hoard of health beverage options in the market and it gets literally a task to pick out the best off the supermarket shelf. Every health drink has their own advantages and claims to benefit health in a variety of ways. But what exactly do we look for when we are buying health drink? Their nutritional value and how they will help in improving our health.

Top 5 Health Beverages that are some of the best for Adult Health and Well-being:

1. Protinex 

Protinex is a very old nutritional supplement and has been in the Indian market for more than 50 years. It is a trusted brand in many households. This drink is also prescribed by doctor for adequate supply of protein in our body. It is low on calories (367 kCal) and high in protein content (32 gms in every 100 gms). Therefore, it is highly efficient and one of the best protein supplements in the country. Protinex is also suitable for vegetarians who do not get adequate protein supply from animal meat.

2. Horlicks 

Horlicks is a nutritional drink that is designed for both adults and children. Horlicks Lite is specially designed for adults to provide stamina and strength. It has 23 vital nutrients with high content of protein and anti-oxidants. Women’s Horlicks and Mother’s Horlicks are two other variants with high calcium content keeping in mind women health and for would-be mothers.

3. Ensure 

Ensure by Abbott is available in different varieties all with their own distinctive share of protein, vitamins, minerals and calorie content. They are also available in a number of flavours suiting people’s taste buds. Ensure is a balanced nutritional supplement for all adults that help boost energy and immunity, while building muscles.

4. Acti Life 

This health drink for adults is very low on fat and rich in Prebiotic ActiFibres. It helps improve stamina, boosts metabolism and improves digestive health. It also helps control cholesterol, increases immunity level and provides calcium absorption power. 

5. Ovaltine 

Ovaltine is a fat-free drink that is abundant in vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, calcium and Iron. Hence, this health beverage is an overall package packed with good health.

These health drinks need to be consumed with milk as it increases their nutritional value manifold.

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