Top 5 Patanjali Products for Sexual Wellness

Patanjali sexual wellness products

A health condition that we don’t usually talk about is sexual wellness. This is an issue that needs to be talked about more often just like diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol and kidney problems but we refrain on discussing this topic even behind shut doors, let alone discussing it with a medical professional. A poor sexual health often affects overall health, confidence, and self-esteem.  It leads to depression, a sense of helplessness, irritability and a negative outlook on life. Complains of erectile dysfunction and low libido are quite common sexual problems among men and women but they can be easily treated with natural remedies.

Today, we’ll talk about products from Patanjali that is directed towards sexual wellness.

Patanjali Ashvashila (capsule)

Patanjali Ashvashila is in the form of capsules and is a combination of Shilajit and Ashwagandha. The combination of these herbs makes it a powerful remedy for sexual weakness and other sexual disorders in men. It is an Ayurvedic medicine to treat male fertility by increasing semen production, improving quality and quality of sperm and treats premature ejaculation. Shilajit improves libido and impotency by avoiding erectile dysfunction.  

Divya Shuddh Konch Beej churan 

This is a natural and Ayurvedic medicine that is medically proven to increase testosterone. Kaunch Beej or Mucuna Pruriens treats fatigue, tiredness, lack of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. Since it is an extract from a natural product, hence it has no side effects. This herb primarily has positive effects on those with a low libido and enhances sexual desire in both men and women. It also increases sperm count that improves male fertility.

Divya Swet Mushli 

The Swet Mushli Churna from Patanjali is named as the herbal Viagra. It is a fertility tonic that nourishes and rejuvenates the tissues of the reproductive system and boosts strength and stamina. It also improves count and quality of sperm while treating erectile dysfunction. It is an Ayurvedic medicine to increase fertility in men.

Patanjali Shilajit Shuddh Capsule 

An excellent Ayurvedic medicine from Patanjali, it treats sexual weakness. It is used as an aphrodisiac and rejuvenation tonic. This medicine treats sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, impotence, and incontinence. It is an entirely Ayurvedic product, hence has no side effects. Taking these capsules not just boosts male fertility but also improves overall health.

Patanjali Divya Youvnamrit Vati

This is an Ayurvedic aphrodisiac that strengthens vigor and vitality. It also promotes sexual desire and treats male sexual problems. The key ingredients of this Ayurvedic sexual wellness product are Ashwagandha, Kevanch or Kaunch beej, Shilajit, Strychnos nux-vomica, Jaiphal and Javitri, Akarkara and Vang Bhasma. These Ayurvedic herbs act as an aphrodisiac for treating sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhoea, and nocturnal emissions. It also improves sperm count and density.

Always consult a doctor before consuming any of these medicines. It is also advised never to take two different Ayurvedic medicines to treat the same purpose. It might lead to serious side effects.


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