Top 5 Tips for Vaginal Hygiene you should Strictly Follow

Let’s Shed all Inhibitions and discuss openly on Vaginal Hygiene and HealthHave you ever shared a tip on vaginal hygiene with your friend or your sister or even with your daughter? Or have you ever questioned your mother or your elder sister during your growing years on how to keep your vagina clean? Most of you might be biting your nails now. But why is it that vagina just like sex and menstruation is still considered a taboo in India? It is a part of our body and a very integral organ. Poor hygiene of the vagina can lead to many serious diseases that impact our confidence and is a cause of stress. It is high time we understand the importance of our vagina and share tips that we are aware of to keep the vagina clean and healthy.

In today’s article, Let’s Shed all Inhibitions and discuss openly on Vaginal Hygiene and Health: 

1. Eating right is the key

You might be thinking that how does eating impact vaginal health. Let me explain! Just as a balanced diet is vital for a healthy body, good vaginal health is similarly dependant on a clean diet. Oily, unhealthy and processed food emits a foul odor from your vagina due to bacterial overgrowth.

Drink enough water, cranberry and pineapple juice that improves vaginal health. Also, include strawberry and yogurt to your diet as it maintains a healthy pH balance of the vagina.


2. Avoid douching

Douching is bad for your vagina and it is a terrible practice to spray some fluid up your vagina for cleaning purpose. These products increase the risk of intra-vaginal infection, UTIs and STDs. The clear discharge that you see at times is the natural mechanism by which your vagina self-cleans and maintains the pH balance. Douching alters the pH balance of your vagina.


3. Clean intimate area

Instead of douching, use water and other intimate hygiene cancer to prevent bacterial overgrowth and infections. Don’t use soaps or loofah to clean. It can rip your vaginal walls off the natural protective barrier leading to irritations and infections. Also when you are using intimate cleansers, wash only the exterior, don’t even attempt cleaning the interiors. Some warm water is the best cleanser.

When you are having your periods, it is best to change your pads or tampons after every 4-6 hours. Change as & when required and wash appropriately with every change. It is good to stay fresh and healthy down there.


4. Pee after sex

After every sexual intercourse, there is some amount of bacteria and microbes left in your urethra that is essential to get removed as it might cause a urinary or bladder infection. Urinating within half an hour of sexual intercourse prevents accumulation of microbes and bacteria in the genital area. Also wash off thoroughly after sex. Besides maintaining vaginal hygiene, it is also a good habit.


5. Choose the right underwear

Whenever you purchase underwear, make sure it is made of cotton or any other breathable fabric. As your vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of your body, avoid wearing tight-fitting synthetic undies as they encourage fungal and bacterial growth that might result in yeast infection.

Keep calm and keep your vagina clean. Don’t shy away from speaking on vaginal health issues and cleanliness. Self-care will add to your good health.


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