Top 7 Products from Organic India for Good Health and Well-Being

7 Organic India products

The tagline of Organic India says healthy conscious living. These days health and wellness products are laden with chemicals that might give a quick relief but only for a shorter time. Prolonged consumption of chemicals weakens our body and poses a negative effect on our health. ORGANIC INDIA brings 100% organic herbal and ayurvedic products targeting various health problems. It is a well known herbal brand for their line of organically grown tulsi teas and health supplements.

Here are 7 ORGANIC INDIA products that are quite popular among buyers:

1. Organic India women well-being 

These capsules are specially formulated to restore hormonal balance and treat irregular menstrual cycle. It also relieves PMS symptoms like menstrual pain, acne, weight gain, and emotional upheavals like anger, stress, and irritability.

Even women in their menopausal stage can use these capsules for relief and maintain their emotional balance and vitality. It also promotes good maternal health and improves fertility in women.

2. Organic India Liver kidney care 

Made with 100% natural herbs, these capsules support and rejuvenate the functioning of the liver and kidney. These are very vital organs that detoxify the system by cleansing the blood, reduce toxicity and regulates fat metabolism. It also protects the body from free radical damage that promotes a healthy functioning liver and a pair of kidneys.

However, if you are pregnant or lactating, it is advisable to not use this supplement.

3. Organic India Apple Cider vinegar 

We all know the many benefits of apple cider vinegar and how using it in the right composition promotes a good overall health. It is rich in proteins and its essential components are acetic acid and malic acid. One property of apple cider vinegar we are all aware of is that it aids in weight loss easily. There are many other benefits of apple cider vinegar that we might not be aware of like regulating blood sugar levels. The acetic acid also helps to digest food easily and promotes absorption of nutrients from the food we eat.

4. Organic India Turmeric formula capsule 

Turmeric is called a golden herb and is an indispensable spice available in our kitchen. It contains an active ingredient called curcumin that is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. It also has anti-cancerous properties that prevent colorectal and prostate cancer by selectively killing the cancer cells while protecting the healthy cells. This supplement from Organic India contains the powerful herb turmeric that also treats pains arising out of arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Organic India Cinnamon 

Cinnamon is a globally recognized herb for its myriad health benefits. It has been used as an Ayurvedic herb for a long time to improve digestion and metabolism. It also has antioxidant properties that regulate a healthy sugar level, thereby treating diabetes. Organic India Cinnamon capsules also increase good cholesterol and promote a healthy metabolism.

It is made with organic cinnamon bark that is safe and effective for daily use.

6. Organic India Tulsi tea 

Organic India tulsi tea is one of the best organic teas for good health. The brand in combination with tulsi has tulsi mulethi tea,  tulsi green tea, tulsi masala tea, tulsi ashwagandha tea, tulsi jasmine tea, tulsi, ginger turmeric tea and many more in its kitty.

These teas are amazing to promote good health, sleep and keep diseases at bay.

7. Organic India osteoseal 

These herbal capsules from Organic India contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamins & amino acids which strengthen the bones.  It also increases bone mineral density, quickens healing of fractured bones and callus, regenerates cartilage and strengthens the teeth. The ingredients list of osteonal has the goodness of Harjor Stem, Organic Sahjan leaf and Shatavari Root that improves bone health and prevents degradation of bone matter. It also soothes bone and muscle issues like joint pain, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Since it is an organic product it can be consumed by children and senior citizens alike.


Buy 100% pure, organic products from ORGANIC INDIA and experience the many health benefits. Visit healthfolks to purchase online. 

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