Top 8 Health Tips For Living A Longer And Healthy Life

Here are 10 health tips for you to live longer and healthier:

My grandfather lived for 98 years, but these days it is like a miracle. At times there is certain news of people living for 100 years or more and we wonder what makes them live for such long years. The key to live longer is to feel vital and active in the later years. But nowadays most of us are preys to a lifestyle that naturally cuts the years from our lives. We have odd work hours, stay up all night partying, smoke and drink, eat foods that are actually unhealthy, gain weight and abstain from physical activity. These are all those ill habits that make us fall sick often and decrease the longevity.

Here are 10 health tips for you to live longer and healthier:

1. Eat less 

We are not asking you to starve but eat only as much as the capacity of your stomach keeping some space for water too. Have you seen Japanese people living a much longer and healthy life even in their later years? That is because they stop eating when they feel that they are 80% full. Researchers have confirmed that if you eat less, you age slowly

2. Don’t be a couch potato 

Spending hours in front of the television can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. Rejuvenate yourself by indulging in some physical activity like running on a treadmill, swimming or some yoga and meditation.

Did you know that as per a 2010 study, watching TV for more than 4 hours a day increases your risk of death by 46%? So shut that TV down and get moving.

3. Don’t stress 

A risk factor for many chronic diseases and illness is stress. A past study conducted on a woman with chronic stress shows that she had low levels of Klotho that protects the body and the brain from aging. It is also known that stress can increase the risk of heart attack and by 20% that can be life-threatening. Therefore it is important to manage stress.

4. Exercise 

Exercise is the elixir of staying young and a daily walk or run is the best way to keep the mind and body fit slowing down the aging process.

5. Have a social circle 

It is important that you mix up with people and make new friends. Loneliness affects your physical and mental health significantly causing inflammation and increases the risk of many life-threatening diseases.

(Learn more about how loneliness can contribute to an early death)

6. Eat fruits and vegetables 

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a powerhouse of nutrition that is filled with nutrients, vitamins, fiber and lowers your risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants that fight inflammation and contribute to a longer life.

7. Don’t smoke 

If you want to live a long and productive life, give up smoking right away. It has been found that smokers who quit the habit can slow damage to the lungs, lung cancer or COPD.

8. Sleep well 

Not just exercising and eating good, sleeping also plays a significant role in a better and longer life. Cleveland Clinic says that when you don’t sleep well, you start having a poor memory, low energy, drowsy and irritable and in the long run it affects your heart health too.

Your health is your priority, take care of it and live healthily. 


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