5 Top Health Benefits of Apricots

Apricot oil is also extracted from its kernels that have incredible benefits of health.Apricots also are known as khubani is a matter of debate over its place of origin. While some scientists say that it was grown in Armenia originally, others say that their origin had been in places of ancient Greece and Rome. On the other hand, there have also been experts claiming that apricots were cultivated in India more than 3000 years ago. However, let’s not discuss the place of origin but it is important to know that amazing health benefits of apricots.

Apricots are marketed in a number of ways, be it in the form of a whole fruit or a dried fruit or jams. Apricot oil is also extracted from its kernels that have incredible benefits of health.


Health Benefits of Apricot:

1. Improves heart health

Apricots are rich in Vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibers that reduce cholesterol levels and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and strokes. Daily consumption of apricots is also beneficial to patients with high blood pressure.


2. Relieves constipation

Now you can get your bowel movement easy with apricots. As they are rich in dietary fiber, this is a recommended natural remedy for constipation due to its laxative properties. Fiber stimulates the digestive juices that absorb all the nutrients and breaks down the food for easy processing.


3. Strengthening Bones

Apricots have a number of essential minerals like calcium, copper, phosphorous, manganese and iron that contributes to healthy bones. It not just strengthens your bones naturally without any supplements but also prevents serious bone health conditions like osteoporosis.


4. Cures fever

If you or your little one is down with fever, having apricot juice helps. It provides the body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, calories, and hydrates the body while clearing off all the toxins. It also treats inflammation of the joints for people suffering from arthritis or gout.


5. Treats dry skin

How many times have we complained of dry skin and tried to find out means of getting rid of the irritable condition? But have you tried apricot oil? The oil extract of this fruits is one of the best for the smooth and glowing skin. Besides it also treats a number of skin anomalies like itching, scabies, eczema and other skin disorders. The high content of Vitamin A also prevents premature aging and repairs skin tissues.

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Apricot is one super food that you must include in your everyday diet. Enjoy its health benefits. 


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