Vaccination For Your Kids: Things You Should Be Aware Of

Vaccination for kids

Vaccination is important at every age to immunize your health against diseases and illnesses. It also helps to build up the immune system against a particular disease. As a parent, you’ll always want to do the best for your kid. Giving them vaccinations according to the recommended schedule and completing the course of all the immunizations, it is important to protect your child against some serious illnesses.

Vaccinations before school

Right from birth, your child is given a number of vaccinations and a lot of vaccinations will almost be given before your child joins the school. Every country has a different immunization registry based on diseases, illnesses, and infections that are more prevalent in those regions that depend on the climate and the environment. Have a vaccination card and keep a track of those immunizations already administered.

Your kid is now going out in the open and will be exposed to a lot of germs and other children. So these vaccinations will not just immune them for a long-term but will also ensure the health of their classmates and friends.

Vaccinations like BCG, OPV, Hepatitis B, DPT, Rotavirus, PCV, HiB, MMR, TCV, Hepatitis A, are some vaccinations that are given in booster forms and doses before your child enters school.

Multiple doses are given for better vaccination

When your child is between 4 – 6 years of age, she will receive some extra doses of vaccines that are needed to give the best protection against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Why vaccinations are mandatory for kids?

  • When your child is vaccinated, she gets immune to the disease and does not fall sick. This will also prevent your child from infecting others like the younger siblings and family.
  • Vaccinations protect all parts of your child’s organs. It prevents lifelong damage from meningococcal diseases that can damage the brain, the kidneys, cause deafness and loss of limbs.
  • As your child grows up, she will be exposed to the outside world and other crowded places that are thriving in bacteria virus and other infection-carrying pathogens.
  • Vaccines are very safe although a little painful. When administering the medications through vaccinations, it might cause a little pain with some uncomfortable feeling. But this pain is lesser than the pain and trauma that your kids will go through in the later stage if not immunized well.

There may be some minor side effects for some children after administering the vaccinations. It may be a sore pain in the arms and legs or a fever with seizures or maybe an allergic rash. However, in case of any of these situations, the pediatrician will treat with proper medications.

Should I panic if a particular vaccination is not given?

Suppose you have missed a shot for your child, don’t panic! Talk to the pediatrician and work it out with him on how to get it back on track. Your healthcare professional will be able to help you better to follow the recommended childhood vaccination schedule. Look for an online tool or maintain a vaccination card. 

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