Walnuts – Food for the Brain!

Walnut health benefits

Nuts are one of my favorite snacks and I prefer walnuts over others. Since long I have been observing the shape of walnuts and it made me think that what makes walnuts shaped like the brain? Well, I think I have my answer now. Walnuts are not just shaped like the brain, they are extremely beneficial for the brain too. You would also be surprised to know that the component of your brain and the walnut is the same. How so? Well, 60% of the human brain is made up of structural fat and it needs omega-3 for proper functioning and it is kind of zany how walnut among other foods has the highest quality of omega-3 fatty acids. Hence proved, that walnut is the ‘Ultimate food for the Brain’!


Let’s know more about the wonder food WALNUT!

Antioxidants for the brain –

Your brain is a powerhouse for your body. It is never at rest and controls a number of functions in your body. Even when you are at rest, up to 20% of the metabolism happens due to brain activity. This leads to the creation of free radicals that could have damaged our body but an interaction with antioxidant compounds naturally destroy these free radicals. However, as we age, our immune system tends to weaken that leads to cellular damage from free radicals and inflammation.

Therefore having walnuts for antioxidants are important!


Improved cognitive ability –

As we age, our brain tends to age too. Older adults usually have a poor cognitive function and they forget things easily. But studies have found that middle-aged and older adults who eat walnuts have a sharper cognitive ability over the years. 


Prevents neurodegenerative diseases –

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Dementia are all associated with old age brain diseases. Due to exposure to oxidation and inflammation with an increase in age, people above 60 years develop a number of neurodegenerative diseases. Walnuts have polyphenols in them that seems to fight oxidative stress and prevent inflammation.

Since walnuts decrease inflammation, it also lowers the risk of many other inflammatory diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer among others.


Induces sleep –

We all feel tired and exhausted after an interrupted sleep at night and our brain seems to lack productivity. Walnuts to the rescue again! These miracle nuts triple melatonin (sleep-regulating hormones) levels in the body thus helping us to sleep better through the night.

Tired of tossing and turning on the bed while counting the clock? Munch on a handful of walnuts before bedtime.


Make walnuts a part of your diet to increase consumption of omega-3 and improve brain activity. Walnuts also help fight depression and improve your spirit.

Have walnuts in any form, be it as a whole nut or add chopped up walnuts on your salad and dips. You may also use it as an enhanced flavor additive to your breakfast oatmeal with yogurt.

Walnut is indeed a superfood. Include them in your daily diet and see the results!


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