Welcome 2019 With Good Health Here are Some Healthy Resolutions

Good health also means good mood, good emotions and a positive attitude towards life. These are some of the easiest ways to improve your health in 2019.

2018 has come to an end and it is time for us to welcome the New Year. And whenever we think of a new year the first thing that comes to our mind is new resolutions. For most of us New Year’s Resolutions means better health and why not! A good physical and mental health ensures a great personal and professional life. Dedicate some time and energy every day to achieve good health and benefit yourself in the long run. Good health is synonymous to more energy, improved focus, and increased self-confidence. Good health also means good mood, good emotions and a positive attitude towards life. These are some of the easiest ways to improve your health in 2019.

Annual health checkups

Enough said and done! Our first step toward good health must be regular doctor appointments and regular health checkups. There are so many health issues that creep up slowly and attack you hard one fine day. When that happens it becomes difficult to manage the health condition. These diseases silently form a dent in our otherwise good health and often we are unaware of it due to negligible or no symptoms at all. You might feel you are perfectly fine and thereby visiting a doctor and going for blood tests does not make sense. But that is the biggest mistake we make regarding our health. These check-ups are merely preventive health measures to make sure you are in good shape.


We have mentioned time and again that exercise is the key to good health but most of us can hardly keep up with it due to lack of time or out of boredom. We agree that following a stric6t exercise regime is actually boring and we tend to give up on it after a few days. But this New Year let’s try and make exercise more fun! You should know that exercise does not necessarily mean going to the gym or doing aerobics, it means anything that can keep your body moving and your heart pumping. Choose your form of exercise; don’t restrict yourself to weight-lifting or running the treadmill. You can take up a dance class, go to a cycling ground, have a swim or even join a yoga class. This New Year you get to choose your preference of exercise.

Did you know that sex is also a very good form of exercise? It’s fun too and it helps to maintain your hormonal balance. Sex also helps to improve sleep, release stress and lower the blood pressure levels. It keeps you in a good mood and improves your libido.


A calm and fresh mind helps you think better and allows you to manage stress and anxiety with ease. Besides stress is also the root of many physical and mental diseases.

So this New Year onwards, start your day by investing ten minutes to meditate and another ten minutes of meditation before going to bed. This is how meditation will help you. A relaxed and peaceful mind reduces stress, controls anxiety, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure and enhances self-awareness. Focus on your breathing when you meditate. Your health will improve by a multitude.

Eat home-made Food

With the busy lifestyle that we are leading these days, it gets practically impossible to cook on a daily basis and have home-made food. Either we rely on takeaways or hire a cook to get the food done. But often we don’t realize that these external helping hands use a lot of oil and spices to cook. This will lead to a gradual decline in health without realizing even. We read interviews of our favourite actors who confess to having home-cooked food. If possible take some time out of your busy schedule and prepare a wholesome meal. Or instruct your help to cook healthy. Include a lot of veggies to your diet.

Love your health over anything

There is nothing more important than the health and it’s time you realize that. If you are healthy, you’ll be able to maintain a balanced personal and professional life. We often make the mistake of loving our workplace more than our health. We spend hours in the office to finish a project within the stipulated deadline. You must learn to manage your professional life and your health simultaneously. It doesn’t hurt if you take a break for 5 minutes every one hour. Go for a small walk to breathe in some fresh air or just switch off the screen of your system and give your eyes a break.

These are small habits you can incorporate in your daily life. These resolutions are not difficult to follow but if you can implement them well; your life is going to change positively.



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