Why Relaxation is as Important as Exercise

Here are a few reasons that will focus how important relaxation is as is exerciseDo you ask yourself this question “Am I relaxing enough?” Probably never. On the contrary we ask ourselves “Am I being physically active” or “Am I working out enough?” But what we cease to realize is that a proper relaxation is equally important as exercise. Every activity that we do throughout the day is considered as part of our physical activity and contributes to a percentage of exercise too.

It is as important to relax as your exercise because otherwise a tired body will never enjoy the day-to-day activities or any workout sessions, no matter how interesting it might be.


Here are a few reasons that will focus how Important Relaxation is as is Exercise:

Sleep and relaxation complements for a healthy body and mind –

Physical activity and exercise no doubt is needed for a good health as it helps keeping off unnecessary weight gain and maintains our vitals at a normal range. But on the contrary, sleep and relaxing too contributes to good health. It not only reduces the risk of chronic diseases but also maintains a healthy weight. Doctors often stress on the importance of sleeping for optimum hours to reverse serious health conditions. Getting up early every morning with the sunrise is definitely a good habit provided you hit the bed by 9 or 10 pm. But that never happens given our busy lifestyle pattern. A Harvard study says that heart problems go hand in hand with disturbed sleep. So catching up on your beauty sleep over the weekends will improve your health.


Relaxation balances hormones –

You might be aware of the fact that stress hormones actually increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Therefore a hard day at work and working out later after work hours actually puts your body at a higher risk of a number of serious illnesses. Your body was not designed to be in a constant fight or flight mode. A balance of work and relaxation is equally important for good health.


Rejuvenation improves your health –

When was the last time you had taken a vacation for yourself or rejuvenated your body with a good spa massage? Remember if you are straining your body to meet your day-to-day activities, you also have to treat it well to last for longer years. Give your body a day’s relaxation in a month or indulge in a cheat meal. Have a well-balanced nutritious diet after a workout to build up the lost muscle weight or you might start losing weight unhealthily which might again lead to a number of illnesses.


So rest and relax as and when needed. You body is your best whisperer! Listen to it!


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