Why Respiratory Problems on The Rise in Hyderabad

Air pollution in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the top five metropolitan cities in India. With a number of the topmost world organizations housed in the city, Hyderabad has been ranked as one of the best places to live in. But is that really the case? Well, here are some alarming revelations to be made.

The urban locale of the city is reporting pulmonary health diseases that are on a rise by a minimum of 25% every year. The hospitals and healthcare professionals are registering diseases like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and allergies that are spreading rampantly across the city, especially among young professionals. They are also reporting a steady rise in the number of acute lung infections. Doctors are citing the reason for increase in respiratory malignancy as the abnormal rise in air pollution level.


Air Quality Index in Hyderabad:

As reported by the Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB), in February 2017, the air quality index in Sanathnagar was reported worse than even Delhi. In some other areas of Hyderabad, the air quality was reported moderate; but not very suitable for sensitive crowd.

An environmentalist Subba Rao says that Hyderabad is rapidly achieving the number one position in pollution. She also adds, “Cities have become time bombs with increasing air pollution and garbage dumps due to which citizens are experiencing slow death.”

The regions in the city that are the most affected are Bollaram, Jeedimetla, Kukatpally, Balanagar, Uppal, Jubilee Hills, Paradise, Nacharam and Charminar with high reading of Air Quality Index that is deemed to pose threat to respiratory health.  


How air pollution is affecting Hyderabad?

A large number of young IT professionals travel by bike and motorcycles to communicate to their workplace. They seldom wear helmets and keep inhaling the toxic air and vehicular smoke emissions. There are only 20% vehicles in the city that has a certificate of pollution check. There are many vehicles commuting across the length of the city that emit life-threatening gas like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, ozone, particulate matter and smog-forming emission.

There has been a report compiled by New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment on the air quality index of Hyderabad where scientists have found that there is “a high level of oxidative stress, lung function impairment, respiratory ailments due to air pollution” that has lead to an increase in drug sales relating to respiratory diseases in the key locations of Hyderabad. (Source – timesofindia.com)

The traffic police are the one who are the most affected, their jobs demanding them to get exposed to extensive air pollution all through the day. More than 43% of them are suffering from respiratory and acute bronchial infections.


How can air pollution be limited in Hyderabad?

The citizens and the Government have to work in unison to curb this fatal issue. More than 1000 vehicles are hitting the roads of Hyderabad on a daily basis. Traffic cops in coalition with Central Motor Vehicles Act should be permitted to seize polluting automobiles in order to save the impending danger of air pollution looming over Hyderabad.


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