Why You Should Take Your Mental Health Seriously

Why You Should Take Your Mental Health SeriouslyMental Health! Perhaps one of the least talked about health condition. Since childhood, we have been taught by our parents to identify the pains in our body parts, whether we fall down and hurt our knees or hands, be it a tooth pain, fever, cough and cold, stomach ache; yes our parents have taken care of all our bodily pains, our vaccinations, taken us to the doctor when we fell ill and has explicitly tended to all our physical issues. But think about it! Have we ever been intimated by our parents about some invisible pains that might hurt us at some points of our life that is referred as mental pain or psychological pain? Nothing that I can think of atleast! We have all gone through this ‘mental pain’ at some point of our lives, especially during our teenage. We feel sad beyond limits, stressed out, we feel like crying but tears don’t seem to show up, our hearts get heavy, we find it difficult to breathe (no, it’s not a heart attack, but a mental attack!), we feel helpless not knowing how to cope up with the feeling, it gets difficult to describe the pain since we don’t know where it is actually hurting. These are small bouts of depression that we experience often. Some fight back, while others give in gradually becoming a chronic patient of depression.

How many reports do we read every day of teenagers and adults committing suicide? A lot actually. But that is just a minor percentage of it that gets reported while others don’t. It is considered a taboo. People don’t bother talking about it lest it is considered madness or they are considered as weak and stupid. So they choose to remain silent and sulk until one fine day they give up their life.

But, it is time we consider that mental health is equally important as physical health and mental health illness is an even serious issue.


Here are some reasons why you should consider the seriousness of Mental Health:

A better mental health accounts for an optimum physical health –

Mental health has a very strong connection to physical health. Did you know that a poor mental health has been attributed to a number of physical health issues like cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis? There have been a number of researches proving that there is a link between mental and physical health. A certain study has noted that people having physical health problems are more likely to suffer from mild to moderate mental issues compared to those who are fit and fine.


Mental illness might gradually turn you into a criminal -

A very important aspect of mental illness is when you shut out everyone around you. The risk increases especially when this turns into self-harming. Not just that, the individual might get addicted to drugs, alcohol and develop acute mental symptoms that increase day by day. They may also inflict physical pain on the family members or other within the close vicinity. There have been reports of numerous serial killers and criminals whose medical case have proved that they are victims of mental illness.


Mental health disorder can lead to financial instability and decreased productivity -

This is obvious since a disturbed mental health can lead to absence from work, low earning potential, inadequate output at office and economic struggles. There has been repeated research that shows the link between mental health and workplace productivity. Depression and other psychiatric illness have lead to loss of jobs and hence bankruptcy and homelessness.


Better state of living and longevity

High levels of stress, anxiety and depression lead to a number of health diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease and finally premature death. As per a 2012 study, mental illness-related diseases have increased the risk of death by 94%.


Understand that mental health problems can lead to serious consequences. It is important to seek the help of a mental health therapist who will be able to help you with medications, therapies, lifestyle interventions to ease the suffering.

Don’t get lost into oblivion. There is always someone to listen out to you. Have faith in yourself. You don’t need to fight this alone!


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